National Rating Bill, 2022: A Revenue Generating Tool for County Governments

Owners of rateables property have an obligation to pay land rates to the County
Government. The Counties’ only recourse, in case of unpaid land rates, is usually
issuance of waivers to property and land owners to clear unpaid land rates. This
recourse promotes compliance however, it denies the county internal revenues.
The National Rating Bill, 2022 plans to empower the 47 county governments to seize
and sell the property and land of defaulters upon the expiry of a 60-day notice to
clear their dues. The County government is required to adhere to the procedures in
the Bill to recover the rates due. This is an efficient way of increasing the revenue for
the county.

The Bill requires the rates to be reviewed after every five years thus ensuring the
rates are charged at market value. This move also entitles county governments to be
recognized as beneficiaries in succession matters where the property has unpaid
land rates. The Bill has passed the first reading at the National Assembly.

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